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Price list and additional services

Calculation base

As a base for calculating the translation price, we use the text in source language, except for texts written in ideographic languages, when the base is the text in Latin letters. The source language is the language from which the text is translated, and the target language is the language into which it is translated.

The price of written translation for Croatian-foreign language translations is calculated according to the number of cards. One card consists of 1500 characters with spaces, calculated by computer (according to the MS Word statistics). The total number of characters with spaces is divided with 1500, and the result represents the number of cards. For combinations foreign language-foreign language, the calculation is based on number of words.

The following services are charged additionally:


Text translation and its preparation for printing or copying can often include various mistakes, such as wrong accentuation or hyphenation in some languages. Our employees – qualified experts – search and remove those mistakes very carefully.

The price of editing of already translated text, with up to:
- 30% of text edited, is calculated in the amount of 40% of translation price,
- 30-50% of text edited, is calculated in the amount of 60% of translation price, and
- over 50% of text edited as a full price of translation, since in that case the whole new translation is to be done.

Proofreading and final style review

Translating in certain languages sometimes results in larger or smaller texts than necessary. Therefore, our proofreading experts work on the text, in order to make it as similar as possible to the original one. They also check whether there were grammatical or spelling mistakes made in the translation, whether the text as a whole is clear or if some parts are omitted, etc. Proofreading experts also check the used vocabulary and style, if more than one translator translated the text they unify it, check abbreviations, numbers, names, spacing, tables, etc.

Additionally, we offer localization service as well.

Text complexity

Expert translations are translations of texts within some specific field of expertise, or translations of texts containing technical terms, which demand expert knowledge in that certain field.

Expert translation, as a rule, is more expensive than a regular one. But, even though the client’s text has only a couple of pages, those few pages require great effort, time and terminology knowledge.

Apart from that, it requires proofreading, research of the field of expertise, using his/her own or client’s database, creating expert dictionary of terms, according to client’s demands.

Professional interpreters continue with their educations throughout their lives, through different seminars and courses, and they continuously refill their libraries, in order to have satisfactory equipment for translating texts within different numerous fields of expertise.

Urgent translations

An urgent translation will be considered any translation of 6 and more cards from foreign language into Croatian, or containing 5 or more cards from Croatian into foreign language, done within one working day. The days of receiving the text and sending the translation back to the client are not included. For expert translations, the number of cards can vary. A working day is any day from Monday to Friday.

For urgent translations an "urgent rate" is applied, which increases the price of translation for 30-100%, or according to our internal agreement, as follows:

a) for translating 6-8 cards from a foreign language into Croatian, or 5-7 cards from Croatian into a foreign language – 30%

b) for translating 9-10 cards from a foreign language into Croatian, or 8-9 cards from Croatian into a foreign language – 50%

c) for translating 11 and more cards from a foreign language into Croatian, or 10 and more cards from Croatian into a foreign language – 30'%

Special DTP

When translating, we will try to keep the original shape of the text as much as possible, with all the details, such as bold and italic letters, underlined words, titles, pictures, tables, etc. In that sense, our prices include simple graphic editing.

If you send us a text that needs to be translated via e-mail or any other electronic means, in Word, Excel, Power Point, or any other program, we will simply replace the original text with the translation and keep the shape of the original.

However, if the shape of the original text is more complex, for example, if it contains many tables and graphs, or if the tables contain too much text, so the shape and appearance of table changes drastically after the translation, we will charge this graphic editing as a separate service.


All test translations, sent as request, are free (maximum 55 words).

Occasional language consulting by phone or e-mail, during working hours, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. is also free of charge.

Occasional language consulting by phone or e-mail, during urgent situations, 24/7 is also free of charge (of course, if possible notify us in advance).

Delivery of materials for larger orders free of charge.

Printing, secure storage and delivery of translated texts

In most cases, a good timing is very important in translation work. On average, one interpreter translates about 5 pages of text a day, but if you need the translation to be done in a shorter period of time, we can offer you express translation. In that case, a greater number of interpreters is included, so the translation can be done within the agreed deadline.

Whenever it is possible, we deliver all the translated texts in the same style and font as the original.

We deliver you the translated texts as you wish – via snail-mail, fax e-mail, on CD, floppy disc, as a Word document, in Publisher, PDF, etc.

Printing, storage and sending of documents via e-mail are free of charge.

The delivery of documents is charged according to the current price list of the requested courier service (Bike Express, FedEx, City Express, Overseas Express, Croatian Post, etc.)

Translation deadlines are flexible and are individually determined, depending on the content and complexity of the original text.